So Saito

Akasaka Office President
admitted in Japan and New York

So Saito set up the firm, formerly So Law Office, in 2015 after practicing law primarily in finance, such as securitization, funds, and derivatives, for sixteen (16) years at one of the biggest Japanese law firms. He currently advises domestic and international clients in Web3, fintech, venture finance, etc. He also assists startups and tech companies such as AI, VR/AR, drone, MediTech, and BioTech companies.

He has been constantly ranked for FinTech, banking and finance law, and finance regulatory law in Japan by Chambers Asia Pacific, Best Lawyers, and Legal 500.

Practice Areas

Innovation, Technology, FinTech and Blockchain, Finance, Funds, M&A, General Corporate, Corporate Governance, Security, Construction and Infrastructure.


Japanese, English

04/2024Kurihara Gakuen School / Association Auditor
09/2023Tokyo Financial Award, Financial Innovation Category Mentor
09/2022HashPort, Inc. / Corporate Auditor(23/6/30~HashPalette, Inc. / Corporate Auditor)concurrent position
05/2022Metaverse Japan Association / Association Auditor
12/2021LiB Consulting co.,ltd /Corporate Director and Audit Committee Member(22/3/23~Director and Audit Committee Member)(23/7/24~Corporate Auditor)(24/5/30~Director and Audit Committee Member)
10/2019Japan STO Association / Auditor(23/6/20~Public Director)
07/2016Mitsubishi Estate Logistics REIT Investment Corporation / Supervisory Director
04/2015So Law Office(present So & Sato Law Offices) Founder
04/2015Topaz Capital, Inc. / Corporate Auditor
09/2014Japan Blockchain Association (Former name: Japan Authority of Digital Assets) / Legal Advisor
2014-2015J-Will Partners Co., Ltd. / Compliance Officer
06/2013Cedyna & Servicer Co.,Ltd / Attorney Director(23/10/1~Abilio Servicer Co., Ltd. / Director)
04/1999-03/2015Nishimura & Partners(present Nishimura & Asahi) Associate / Partner / Counsel
2005-2006Debevoise & Plimpton LLP / Foreign Intern
2005New York University, School of Law(LL.M.)
1997Bachelor of Laws, the University of Tokyo (Tokyo)
04/2024Recognized for Banking and Finance law, Financial institution regulatory law, and FinTech practice by Best Lawyers in Japan 2025
01/2024Recognized for FinTech Practice by The Legal 500 Asia Pacific 2024
12/2023Ranked as a lawyer in the FinTech field 2024 by Chambers and Partners
04/2023Recognized for Banking and Finance law, Financial institution regulatory law, and FinTech practice by Best Lawyers in Japan 2024
01/2023Recognized for FinTech Practice by The Legal 500 Asia Pacific 2023
12/2022Ranked as a lawyer in the FinTech field 2023 by Chambers and Partners
04/2022Recognized for Financial institution regulatory law and FinTech practice by Best Lawyers in Japan 2023
01/2022Recognized for FinTech Practice by The Legal 500 Asia Pacific 2022
12/2021Ranked as a lawyer in the FinTech field 2022 by Chambers and Partners
04/2021Recognized for Financial institution regulatory law and FinTech practice by Best Lawyers in Japan 2022
12/2020Ranked as a lawyer in the FinTech field 2021 by Chambers and Partners
1999Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association
2006New York State Bar Association
2015 -FinTech Association Japan Individual / Supporting Member
2016 -Japan Association of the Law of Finance / Member
11/2017ama University, The Center for Rule-making Strategies, “ICO (Initial Coin Offering) Business Research Group”
2016 -Japan UAS Industrial Development Association(JUIDA) / Individual Member
2005 - 2015Securitization Forum of Japan Member of various committees
2011 - 2019Association of Japanese Consulting Engineers (AJCE)(Currently, Engineering and Consulting Firms Associations, Japan(ECFA)) / Individual Supporting Member / Official Member
2012 - 2015Japanese Conference on Overseas Development of Eco-Cities (J-CODE) Vietnam Working Group
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01/2024"Fintech -Applicable Japanese Laws to a Blockchain Game-" LIR Japan -vol-3 P40~
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08/2023"Securitization Handbook (2023 Edition),” ecuritization Forum of Japan
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07/2021“Sports NFT and Japanese Law” / Mobile Content Forum(MCF) Lecturer
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