NFTs: An overview of the current state in Japan, the legal and regulatory environment, and the latest guidelines by the JCBA and BCA

In this article, we are taking a closer look at the state of the Japanese NFT market and the legal and regulatory environment for NFTs while considering the JCBA and the BCA guidelines.

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Embedded Finance under Japanese Law

In 2019, Andreessen Horowitz predicted that in the not-too-distant future every company will be a FinTech company. Fast-forward to today, and most large companies embed financial services into their products to streamline the customer journey and increase their lifetime value. Embedded finance typically covers the following services: payments card payments lending investments insurance banking Generally […]

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Buyer Beware – Digital Art and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have become increasingly popular more recently. Starting with small blockchain games such as Crypto Kitties in 2017, they have entered public awareness with NBA Top Shot and the Christie’s auction raising USD 70 million for a digital art piece. Given the recent success and increasing interest of mainstream media, it is time […]

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The Latest Amendments of the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act -Update on March 3rd

With the latest amendments of the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act the legislator lowered the threshold for pre-transactional approval for investments in listed companies from 10% to 1%. At the same time exemptions were introduced for certain types of investors.

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Funds Regulations in Japan

An analysis of disclosure and registration requirements for (tokenized) funds and fund managers and possible exemptions.

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Virtual Annual General Meetings in Japan

With the Japanese government declaring the state of emergency shortly before the upcoming AGM season and audit firms not being able to finalize their statements, many companies are wondering how to comply with their obligations under the Companies Act.

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