Blockchain Games Regulations and the Analysis Concerning Crypto Assets Laws, Gaming Law, and Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations

I. What is a Blockchain Game? A blockchain game is a game that uses the blockchain and uses crypto assets, tokens or NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). In a typical game the following occurs:(1) user purchases game assets that belongs to the game operator rather than the user,(2) such game assets cannot be freely transferred, sold, or […]

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Non-Fungible Tokens, Play-to-Earn Scholarships, and Yield Guild Games under Japanese Laws

Blockchain games are gaining traction globally. In this post, we analyze some of the more recent developments under Japanese laws. If you want to learn more about NFTs, play-to-earn scholarships, and the Yield Guild DAO click here.

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‘Play to Earn’ under Japanese Laws

Play-to-earn is about to revolutionize the gaming industry. Game developers targeting the Japanese market are well advised to familiarize themselves with Japanese regulations as there are some important limitations.

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‘Same business, same risk, same regulation’​ and the idea of technology-neutral regulation in the context of crypto

Capital and financial markets regulation is based on the principle ‘same business, same risks, same regulation’. At the same time, global standard setters and national regulators alike consistently highlight that regulations are meant to be technology-neutral. So, what happens if the technology changes the risk profile of a business? The risk profile is redefined. In a blockchain […]

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Combining years of experience in the field of corporate deals and capital markets with an in-depth understanding of new technologies we are uniquely positioned to develop innovative solutions for our clients.


The FinTech industry is without doubt one of the most dynamic industries globally. Sitting at the intersection between traditional finance and technology it is also one of the most complex regulatory areas. We enjoy working in this environment and are consistently ranked among the top FinTech lawyers in Japan.

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Mergers and acquisitions are key strategies for companies to stimulate growth, gain a competitive advantage and increase their market share. We assist our clients in structuring their deals, setting up joint ventures and help them with their general corporate matters. Our clients range from early stage start-ups to established national and international players.

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Our lawyers have worked for leading law firms in the US, UK, Hong Kong and Singapore for many years and have a wealth of experience in debt and equity issues, derivatives and structured products. Having a strong foothold in FinTech, we are further ideally positioned to help our clients to stay ahead of the curve and to drive financial innovation.

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Our services cover the whole lifecycle of funds and range from the structuring and formation to capital raising, investment, operation management, and liquidations. We further assist foreign funds with their regulatory matters and portfolio investments in Japan.

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Companies developing or deploying cutting-edge technologies do not only require specialized knowledge of the respective technologies but also an in-depth understanding of the legal risks and the regulatory environment. Our lawyers constantly expand their knowledge to stay ahead of the curve and advise clients on matters relating to product regulation, IP and personal data protection.

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Our firm was highly recognized in the “FinTech” and “Investment funds” categories of
the Legal 500 Asia Pacific 2022 – 2023.

Also We were selected as a Leading Individual, So Saito was recognized in the “FinTech” category, and
Yuki Sato in the “Investment funds” category.

Chambers & Partners ranks So Saito top FinTech lawyer 2022.

Best Lawyers recognizes So Saito for  Financial Institution Regulatory Law and FinTech Practice  for 2022 – 2023.
Best Lawyers recognizes So Saito for  Banking and Finance Law, Financial Institution Regulatory Law and FinTech Practice  for 2024.

Best Lawyers recognizes Yuki Sato for Corporate and Mergers and Acquisitions Law for 2022 – 2024.



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