Yu Mizushima

Akasaka Office
Admitted in Japan

After passing the bar exam, Yu Mizushima worked at the Bank of Japan for 12 years before joining So Sato Law Office in November 2023.

During his time at the Bank of Japan, he was involved in various roles related to risk management, corporate governance, and management issues of financial institutions through examinations and off-site monitoring in the Financial Institutions Division. He also conducted analysis of the business environment for securities companies and private equity funds, as well as activities related to financial regulation compliance. In the System Information Division, he handled legal matters related to system development, business risk management, and information security issues. Additionally, in the International Division, he was responsible for foreign currency asset management and yen asset custody services for overseas central banks, which involved negotiations with Japanese central government agencies and foreign central banks.While on secondment to Japan Exchange Group, Inc. (Japan Securities Clearing Corporation), he was responsible for derivative trading-related tasks such as the interest rate benchmark reform project.
Furthermore, he pursued an overseas MBA at INSEAD, gaining knowledge in areas such as technology including FinTech, startups, and analysis of management challenges within companies.

Practice Areas

Finance, IT system, FinTech, Security, Corporate Governance, Funds, General Corpotate


Japanese, English

11/2023- So & Sato Law Offices -Akasaka
6/2019 -6/2021 Secondment to Japan Exchange Group, Inc. (Japan Securities Clearing Corporation)
8/2016 -7/2017 Company Sponsored Study at INSEAD MBA
4/2011 -9/2023 Bank of Japan(Financial System and Bank Examination Department, Information System Services Department, International Department, etc)
9/2010 Passded th bar exam
07/2017 INSEAD MBA
03/2008 Yokohama National University Law School
03/2005 The Univerity of Tokyo, Faculty of Economics
01/2024 Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association